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✫ I am rubber you're glue..

...your words bounce off me and stick to you~...✫

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Hey there, I'm May, i'm a loser but hey at least i'm nice most of the time.

Music: Arashi, The Offspring, ONE OK ROCK, The Beatles,
Sekaowa, Old punk music just as much as new Jpop..

Watching: TWD, GoT, Shameless US, I also quite enjoy British tv shows
like Skins UK, Misfits, etc,.. (i basically watch a lot of tv shows in general tbh)
i love Horror btw and i die for Rob Zombie Movies (!!!)
+ i can't get tired of japanese dramas, variety and music shows!

Other Random stuff i like: Cute stuff from Japan, Harajuku Fashion,
Tumblr RP, books; poetry, languages, words and ofc F.O.O.D ...

Hates: Ninomiya Kazunari for being a perfect little shit.

Arashian since 2009
I like to make new Friends so just feel free to add me!!
Yoroshiku ne!!